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Ukraine Carries Out Armed Raid in Crimea, Inflicts Casualties on Russia

KYIV — Ukraine on Thursday conducted a daring operation in Russian-occupied Crimea, its military intelligence said, as Kyiv marked the anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Ukrainian outlet Krym Realii reported blasts and a firefight in Crimea early in the day, citing their sources in the occupied territory. Ukrainian forces which arrived via sea engaged with Russian occupiers, inflicting casualties and damage to equipment, military intelligence said.

Though local Russian-installed authorities in Crimea — which have occupied the Black Sea peninsula since 2014 — have not issued any official statements so far, Ukraine said its units engaged in a battle on the shore near the area of Olenivka and Mayak villages.

“During the execution of the task, the Ukrainian defenders engaged in combat with the units of the occupier. As a result, the enemy suffered losses among personnel, enemy equipment was destroyed. Also, the state flag was raised in the Ukrainian Crimea again,” military intelligence said, posting a video of the operation, which POLITICO has not been able to independently verify, which featured Ukrainian soldiers hanging a national flag and soon leaving.  

“All goals and tasks have been completed. At the end of the special operation, the Ukrainian defenders left the scene without casualties,” it added.

The day before the covert raid Ukraine reported the destruction of a Russian S400 “Triumph” long-range anti-aircraft system, its ammo and personnel near Olenivka in Crimea.

“Given the limited number of such complexes in the enemy’s arsenal, this is a painful blow to the air defense system of the occupiers, which will have a serious impact on further events in the occupied Crimea,” military intelligence said in a statement.

Source : Politico